Meet Tiff Benson

Hey there! I’m Tiff – an entrepreneur, beauty enthusiast, professional go-getter and optimistic beauty sharing my elegant, and effortless style philosophy with you.

TIFFBENSON.COM is a website dedicated to celebrating beauty inside and out. The purpose of this site is to enlighten and inspire through beauty, fragrance and inspirational thoughts and ideas to nourish and delight your soul.

  1. 1.What do LL Cool J, Run DMC and Russell Simmons and I have in common? We are all from Hollis Queens, New York!
  2. I once interned for Wendy Williams.
  3. I’m obsessed with making lists… obsessed!
  4. I love animals! I could play with them all day!
  5. It’s my dream to meet Oprah, hug her and tell her, “Thank you”.
  6. I can play the flute and the piano.
  7. I’ve spent my entire adult life dancing salsa professionally.
  8. My favorite candy of all-time are cherry Blow Pops.
  9. My go-to drink is a Margarita!
  10. My celebrity crushes…Raphael Saadiq and Kyrie Irving.

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