For Her 12.02.22


Translated as the burning sun, the Soleil Brulant Fragrance features a scent like no other. Like sun-kissed florals warmed by amber it brings out different experiences to each individual. 

Some would say, the clash of its notes – mandarin, bergamot, pink pepper and black honey – make it hard to give the fragrance a distinguishable description. Its base notes resin, olibanum, woody scents, leather and vetiver also feature a warm feel while bringing about a strong earthy after smell that have caused many opinions on the Fragrance’s worth. 

Sold in 10 mL, 50 mL and 250 mL golden bottles at $75, $368 and $ 940 respectively, Soleil Brulant does not come cheap. Now, the question is: is the Tom Ford Soleil Brulan Fragrance worth it?

A Matter of Perception

Soleil Brûlant by Tom Ford is a Amber Woody fragrance for women and men.
Soleil Brûlant Eau De Perfum By Tom Ford

We all have our own preferences when it comes to fashion, beauty etc. Fragrances are no exception. Soleil Brulant, while unique, may not resonate with some. 

Nonetheless, this product of the Soleil line is not one to skip through without hesitation. A chic presentation and modern take on fragrances adds to the Tom Ford aesthetics and makes it an interesting and fascinating find. 

To those of you who can, take time to check out this amazing product. If you’d like to know more about what drives all the talk towards Soleil Brulant, here is what it’s like. 

Straight From the Bottle to the Bod

What does Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant Eau De Perfum smell like? From the first whiff, Soleil Brulant exuberates an appealingly sweet, creamy scent akin to a combination of honey, orange blossom and resin. 

Over time, stronger notes come out into the limelight, giving the fragrance a fresh, spicy, and citrusy feel. Amazingly, one not overbearing the other but each sparing time for the others to shine. 

In fact, as the perfume dries down, the base notes of the fragrance make an entrance themselves by giving its wearers an earthy, leathery finish. The leather, amber, resin combo are the star of the show indeed. To those of you who prefer to keep their fragrances more linear, you may not find it as appealing, because there are twists and turns on the skin once it makes it from the bottle to the bod. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea not to give Soleil Brûlant perfume a chance.  You never know, the shifting scents might just suit you. 

It’s also a great all season fragrance that works well with anybody. It can be used as a woody, leathery cologne for men or a sweet, floral women’s fragrance. Standing out with a warm, baffling blend that isn’t heavily masculine yet not too feminine, the Soleil Brluant is as advertised, one of the best unisex perfume. If you personally don’t like warm and spicy scents, Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant Eau De Perfum would make a great luxurious gift for any gender. 

How long does Soleil Brûlant Eau De Perfum last?

An hour in you can notice the scent starting to shift, however, it still keeps the sweet, sensual smell in up to 5 hours plus. After which, the strength of the honey, flowers, and spices begin to die down making way for the woody and leathery notes to shine. 

On a good, average day, Soleil Brûlant offers a longevity from 7 – 8 hours without reapplication. This apart from its other features, makes this fragrance an excellent selection for your scent collection.  Soleil Brûlant is a strong-concentrated scent with excellent quality. Considering the longevity of the fragrance, the price is worth it because you do not need a lot of sprays for the scent to last all day; applying 2-3 sprays will go a long way. 

Final Thoughts and Review on Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant Eau De Perfum

Ultimately, yes I would highly recommend this Tom Ford fragrance. It’s actually one of my favorites in my collection and here’s why.  For one, I don’t own anything in my fragrance collection that smells like this fragrance. So for uniqueness alone it just makes scents (pun intended). I also receive many compliments when I wear this fragrance. People seem to love it and that makes me love it even more. There’s nothing like wearing a fragrance that you can spray on and know that you and others around you will enjoy it. That makes Soleil Brulant a pleasure to wear and I often reach for it in moments where I want to be noticed. Lastly, I know I spoke about this scent being a stand out in my fragrance collection, but it’s also a standout of the Tom Ford Private Blends collection as well.  U-N-I-Q-U-E as Beyonce would say– unique! The bottle is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, the fragrance is unusual, and overall, it’s a big yes for me.