Fragrance 02.28.21

FIORI D’AMORE by Bulgari Parfums | First Look

There is a reason perfume shopping is intimate and unique to the individual. Choosing the perfect scent and having it reflect your personal style and persona, while living with it, and enjoying it is the entire allure of the experienceBulgari’s Allegra Collection is the perfect way for you, beauty and fragrance lovers to explore and find which fragrance suits you as you can choose a main scent and use it with the magnifying essence so create something uniquely different. There are five base fragrances to choose from that embody five different Italian emotions and experiences. 

— The first is RIVA SOLARE which is a sparkling citrus scent that is reminiscent of the Italian Riviera and transports you to bright blue skies and equally blue waters. 

— The second is FIORI D’AMORE which is a delightful rose fragrance that captures the passion of a love. It is in intense yet delicate. 

— The third is ROCK’N’ROME which has a zestier fragrance yet pleasantly and intimately floral. 

— The fourth is FANTASIA VENETA which is mysterious, seductive and decadent. It is surprising and addictive and gives you the illusion of being at an Italian festa. 

–The fifth is DOLCE ESTASI which is a dreamy, floral fragrance that reminds one of the decadence of dessert. Italian citrus gives it both a delicate, feminine yet musky quality. It leaves you feeling caresses and at ease. 

The Allegra collection is not just one dimensional. It gives you the freedom to create, to choose and to make a fragrance uniquely your own. The Magnifying essences which are Musk, Rose, Patchouli, Bergamot and Vanilla each complement the base fragrances extremely well, giving them an elevated scent and feel. Each embodies the idea of more, more energy, love, sophistication, comfort and sensuality. Truly, depending on the mood that you’re in you are able to achieve the desired fragrance. The entire concept of such customization is the idea to create emotions that either reflect your current mood or can even alter it to what you wish it to be.

The Fiori D’Amore is wholly inspired by the idea and feeling of love and gives the illusion of having received a large bouquet of roses. At its essence it is heavy floral inspired, and its entire nuance can be altered with just the addition of the Magnifying Musk or even Bergamot. Each can evoke a different emotion and feeling, it is whatever you desire.

It is a scent that is at its finest on a simple date night because what better boost of romance do you need other than smelling like a gorgeous bouquet of roses? Even the simplicity of a romantic outdoor picnic at sunset can be elevated with this sensual fragrance and will truly have you feeling the mood. And with February being the month of love, why not take a moment to treat yourself.

Personally, I’ve found that I’ve been wearing this fragrance quite often— dousing myself in all of its glory for an elegant and intimate dinner, coupled with candles and roses. Sometimes I even wear FIORI D’AMORE during casual moments, or even  movie night with my partner. There is very little else you would need to completely set the mood than a beautiful fragrance, company and romance.