Fragrance 05.17.21

Spring Clean with Me and Febreze | Refreshing My Space 2021

Now that winter has winded down into spring, along comes the changes necessary for the home and season. It is safe to say there are certain scents and aromas that we associate with different seasons and for spring, I typically lean towards fresh, clearer and perhaps even more citrusy for my home. This is the time to pack away the holiday decors, heavier drapes and blankets and replace them with lighter and more breathable linens and sheets.

Spring cleaning to me is simply as the name entails. It’s a time of new beginnings and an overhaul of your space which can mean decluttering, deep cleaning and perhaps even downsizing excess within your home. For me, aside from general cleaning and packing away things that aren’t meant for the season, keeping rooms smelling fresh and light is essential. Lingering odors, whether it be from pets, food spills or cooking are normal and it’s important to have special products to eliminate them from any rooms in your home. Thank God for Febreze because the various scents that are part of the Febreze AIR line are perfect for this. I like to believe there are certain scents that suit particular rooms of a home. For instance, bedrooms should have soothing scents to promote rest and deep sleep and I find that Febreze Air Light Lavender or Mediterranean Lavender with their herbal scents are perfect for this.

Other areas of the home such as the living room should have a lighter and brighter scent, especially since it’s possible this is the room you’d spend the most time in. I definitely recommend the Febreze Air April Fresh scent for this as it has the most delightful freshly laundered scent and is a perfect accent after deep cleaning a space. I find that office spaces that have more calming scents such as the Febreze Air Vanilla or the Air Ocean is conducive to productivity if you are working from home still.

Other favorite scents that I love for bathrooms and miscellaneous rooms are cleaner fragrances such as Air Morning & Dew, Light Bamboo and Bora Bora Waters. Of course, the scents you choose for rooms in your home are unique to you and there are so many options that can suit your aroma theme.

If you know me, by now you know I am very particular regarding the sustainability and safety of products I use daily in my home and Febreze has always been steadfast and kept to their ethos. They are a brand that maintains going above and beyond to adhere to safety standards designated by the EPA. Safe cleaning products for you and your family is not something that should be compromised and Febreze strives to always upkeep that ideology.  Their ingredients consist of a blend of water, citric acid (the stuff in lemons) and cyclodextrin (found in corn) to eliminate odors, and 100% all natural and non-flammable nitrogen propellant. Febreze is open and transparent regarding the safety of their products and you can check out their ingredients for yourself on

I know you want to keep your home smelling great so if you’re interested please head over to  to shop + learn more. I’m positive you’ll find scents that appeal to you!