Confessions of a Perfumista Series: The Future Awaits

Tell me if you can relate…

I used to be so anxious about the future. Sometimes I’d feel like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I’d spend countless hours planning, researching fantasizing, strategizing, all about how I could make things happen, and how I could make things happen fast— as if I was some sort of “all-knowing miracle magician,” and is there even such a thing? If there’s one thing that I’ve learned it’s that no matter how much you plan or do your part, you have to allow the universe to shift in your favor. To be honest, some of my greatest wins have come to me with little to no planning at all, and most of my biggest frustrations have come from life not measuring up to the master plan that I created for myself. Well, I’m setting forth a new intention to free myself from it all. I mean it. No pressure. No expectations. I can still be an unwavering optimist, a planner, and a dreamer, but now I’ll just let the universe do most of the heavy lifting.

Beautiful self-portrait by me. #awelllivedlife


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