Yikes. The holiday season is here, and you haven’t purchased any gifts for that special someone. You have dinner parties, festive nights out, and precious moments with your family, all happening in the blink of an eye, and you can’t show up empty-handed.

With so many gifts to buy, so little time, and plenty of offerings to choose from on the market, what is a gift-giving person to do? Bah humbug!  

Talk about pressure. 

No matter how well you know a person, holiday gift-giving can be pretty tough. How can you please someone you love this holiday season and give them exactly what they’ve been looking for?

One word: options.  

Read that word over and over again, and let it sink in. Options! Let’s take the risk out of holiday shopping by giving your person precisely what they want, even if they are not sure what they want. 

Here’s the trick.

You could decide to play the guessing game, buy a bunch of full-size products— keeping the gift receipts, of course, just in case your fussy friend doesn’t adore your gifts. But that could get expensive and complicated, and I want to help you save some holiday coin. 

There’s an even better way:

Holiday sampler kits! Mind blown. 

Make ’em feel like they picked their own gifts themselves! Trust me, it works every time. The number one go-to destination for all things holiday gift-giving this season is Sephora. They have a massive selection of holiday gift items, I mean huge! And you can’t go wrong —especially when it comes to fragrance.

Here are my picks: 

SEPHORA FAVORITES Holiday Cologne Sampler 

SEPHORA FAVORITES Holiday Perfume Sampler

These two options will be a hit for the person who loves fragrance. We must remember, fragrance is personal. I think it’s best if you let your person decide which scent they’ll enjoy the most. Don’t you agree? That’s why I’m recommending these holiday sampler kits. These kits take all of the guesswork out of holiday shopping while giving your person the freedom they crave to select their own gift! Brilliant! 

Also, the best thing about these two options is the vast array of samples to choose from. These gifts feature samples from top designers brands at Sephora that we all know and love, and each kit includes a scent certificate that can be redeemed in store for a full-size bottle (and you can choose any fragrance from the samples offered in the kit). 

So I’m curious, what holiday gift items are you picking up from Sephora this season?