Sometimes blessings come in the weirdest ways. For months my mom has been asking me, “Are you coming to the family reunion this year?” Every time she asked I’m like, “Yes mom,” but deep down inside I knew I really didn’t want to go. Part of me wanted to just stay home and work, and the other part of me was getting a little weirded out because, well, you know how family  reunions as can be. Or maybe it was the 16 hour bus ride to and from New York City to Myrtle Beach that had me thinking this family reunion wasn’t for me. I kept thinking–  it’s going to be sooo hot, and what about the Wi-Fi?!

Well, this past weekend I put all that aside and went to Myrtle Beach for what turned out to be an amazing family reunion. I got to hang out with family that I knew, and meet new family members and I’ve never met before. I also experienced the tastiest crab meal dinner of my life at Boardwalk Beach in SC.

All and all, I am really glad that I made it and as you can probably tell by the pictures, I had a great time.

My scent of the day, Angel Fruity Fair #sotd