Beauty 12.20.22

Honest Review on La Mer’s Broad Spectrum SPF 50 $100 Sunscreen

La Mer Sunscreen SPF 50 on table

Staying safe from the sun doesn’t mean you can’t bask in it. While it’s one of the best ways to protect yourself from the damaging Ultraviolet (UVB & UVA) Rays of the Sun, you can’t always stay away from the light. 

Sunlight isn’t as bad as many make it out to be. 

Besides being the best alarm clock in the world, sunlight can boost Vitamin D production and bone health. Studies have also shown that being in the sun in the morning can help with weight loss, extend life expectancy and fight depression – especially during winter. Some research also suggests that the “sunshine vitamin” can protect people against numerous cancers, heart diseases, and other illnesses. 

So, what does this mean?

You need the sun. But what about – UVB and UVA rays?

Why you need Sunscreen

Going out in the sun can be beneficial AND safe, but you need to meet the daily SPF 30 requirement  to protect your skin from harmful rays.

No matter how many articles of clothing or umbrellas you use, it will never be sufficient because, unlike sunlight, both UVB and UVA rays have a tendency to bounce off the surface. That said, even under the shade, we are not safe.  

This is why sunscreen is needed. It gives you complete protection from exposure to UV by quickly absorbing into your skin and filtering the sun’s rays . 

Additionally, with sunscreen, you no longer need to put on layers upon layers of clothes, nor do you need to carry around that heavy umbrella. You could also move more freely and enjoy the heat, light, and energy from the sun.

The question that remains – is will you put it on? 

Choose La Mer SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid 

To keep your skin healthy and wrinkle free, including a UV defense or sunscreen in your daily routine is important. Sadly, many of us forget and our skincare routine is a whole lot easier when we go without it. Finding a protecting and broad spectrum sunscreen can be hard. Luckily, if you’re among those that don’t have a good sunscreen to apply on a daily basis, you’re in for great news!

I love basking in the sun and traveling. But with sensitive skin like mine, staying out for long and walking around worry-free is hard. That’s until I saw her

La Mer. 

La Mer SPF 50 Protecting Fluid

The quick-absorbing Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is the best sunscreen to apply when doing your daily morning skincare routine. To get the best results apply it after your moisturizer and before make-up. It’s a chemical sunscreen which means that it protects the skin by absorbing harmful UV rays to convert them into heat, and then releases them from the body.

When (Or if) you give La Mer’s UV Protecting Fluid a chance, you’ll rethink how you feel about sunscreen; I know I did. 

What are the benefits of La Mer’s SPF 50?

A higher SPF Level

With an SPF of 50, it stands out amongst many other sunscreens. It might seem like a small difference but to people with sunspots, acne-prone skin, and post-breakout dark marks, it is important to have sunscreen with a higher SPF level

Though an SPF of 30 should be enough, wouldn’t you want the extra UV defense when it comes to a sunscreen for your face?

Clear and Easy to Absorb

You might be one of many who shrug and say – it doesn’t matter what kind of sunscreen you use – it’s going to always have this oily, sticky feeling. 

But that’s what makes La Mer different from the rest. 

Aside from the high SPF level, the protecting fluid is non-greasy, smooth, and easy to apply. Since it’s a chemical sunscreen (not a sunblock), the skin easily absorbs it without leaving a white cast residue. So you wouldn’t have to worry about it messing up your makeup. 

Safe and Nourishing

On top of that, it’s lightweight and – doesn’t have harsh chemicals that can cause breakouts and irritate or damage the skin. With no sulfates SLS & SLES, Phthalates, and Paraben, it’s great for dry, normal skin and a combination thereof. 

La Mer’s SPF 50 UV protecting fluid keeps the skin healthy with ingredients like its Miracle Broth; a potent anti-irritant that is cell-renewing and boosts the skin with energy.

Not only did my face have less breakouts and wrinkles after regular, long-term use, it also became more radiant with a youthful appearance. 

Pretty Chic and Convenient Packaging

Presented in – simple yet elegant and classy packaging and bottle, La Mer’s SPF 50 fits perfectly in any bag. 

It’s an easy squeeze and handy sunscreen that you can conveniently carry just about anywhere and reapply throughout the day. I know I do.


Shiny, shimmery teal sparkles are a nice touch to your sun-kissed glow. The blue micro-pigments not only help bounce light off your skin but also give you that luxurious poolside vibe and leaves you with glowing skin. It’s like you never left the water. 

Having protection while accentuating your natural beauty is the ultimate beauty goal. There is no longer a reason to shy away from the sun. With La Mer, we shine brighter than ever before. 

Although it’s a bit on the pricier side of sunscreen lotions, it’s worth every penny.