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Which Viktor & Rolf Cologne is the best out of the Spicebomb Collection?

In 2005, Viktor&Rolf launched its first bomb: a profusion of flowers in a feminine perfume, sensual to the point of excess—Flowerbomb. In January 2012, the original Spicebomb for men was released. This led to a masculine collection of fragrances perfect for men seeking an irresistible and captivating aroma. It comes in five distinct variations: Spicebomb, Spicebomb Extreme, Spicebomb Infrared, Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Toilette, and Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Parfum.

With this wide selection of scents to choose from, it can be challenging to make a decision as to which one is the best Spicebomb fragrance for you. Each cologne has its own unique blend of spices and notes with a longevity between 4-12 hours. Knowing what each Spicebomb smells like can help you find the right blend that appeals to you. This blog post provides an overview of each Spicebomb fragrance so you are better able to determine which one is right for you.

Spicebomb Cologne Outline

  1. Spicebomb Eau de Toilette (2012)
  2. Spicebomb Extreme (2015)
  3. Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Toilette (2019)
  4. Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Parfum (2020)
  5. Spicebomb Infrared (2021)

What’s special About Spicebomb Eau de Toilette (2012)? 

The orginal Spicebomb is a unique, bold fragrance for men that is sure to make an impression. With its explosive blend of spices and contrasting notes, this scent is sure to turn heads. The masculine and sophisticated scent was launched in 2012 and has become a staple favorite among many men. The custom-built grenade bottle encircled by a black band symbolizes the intensity of this fragrance. 

Fragrance Notes: 

Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Leaf, Pimento, Vetiver, Tobacco, White leather accord.

The heart of Spicebomb EDT features two accords with powerful notes. The first accord contains incandescent spices such as pimento and cinnamon, while the second contains masculine scents like white leather and tobacco along with the distinguished strength of vetiver. These two accords combine to create an unforgettable scent that will linger on your skin all day long. 

On top of the spicy notes lies a top note of bergamot that adds a hint of freshness to the scent. This citrusy note serves to brighten up the intense aromas and gives them depth without overpowering them. It also helps to give Spicebomb its distinct character and ensures that it stands out from other fragrances on the market today. 

What’s special About Spicebomb Extreme (2015)?

Spicebomb Extreme is a fragrance for the fearless. Launched in 2015, it’s an intense and daring scent crafted to ignite the senses. Perfect for men with a bold approach to life, Extreme is sure to be a must-have in any daring gent’s perfume collection. For those looking for a stronger and seductive scent, this explosive release is sure to please. Let’s take a closer look at what sets Spicebomb Extreme apart.

Confidence-Boosting & Seductive 

Beyond its unique scent profile, Extreme will give you a confidence boost making it perfect for men who want to make a lasting impression. Whether you’re on a date or meeting someone important in your career field, wearing this fragrance will give you the extra boost of courage you need to show your best self. Furthermore, its seductive aroma helps you stand out in any crowd and may even attract the attention of others.

Fragrance Notes:

Cumin, Cinnamon, Saffron, Tobacco, Vanilla, and Bourbon.

The Spicebomb Extreme cologne features a blend of bold, fiery ingredients that create an intensely masculine aroma. From the opening to the heart notes, this fragrance unfolds with notes of cumin and cinnamon, with a touch of saffron– creating an addictive edge to the scent. Finally, the base is comprised of a tobacco accord paired with a woody amber facet and hints of vanilla and bourbon – creating an irresistible combination that will draw attention from all around you. 

How Does Extreme Compare To The Other Spicebomb Fragrances? 

If you want something even more daring than the original Spicebomb, then try out Spicebomb Extreme. This fragrance features stronger notes of leather and spices like saffron and cumin for a truly provocative aroma. The longevity of this fragrance ensures that your scent remains strong throughout the day or night. Despite its intense strength and potency, it stays surprisingly light on your skin – allowing you to carry yourself without being overwhelmed by the smell itself. If you’re looking for a bold yet sophisticated scent that will give you a confidence boost and help you stand out from the crowd, then Extreme is definitely worth considering! With its unique balance between intensity and refreshment, it’s no wonder it has become one of the most sought-after men’s fragrances available today. 

You can view my honest opinion about Spicebomb EDT, Spicebomb Extreme, and Spicebomb Fresh on my YouTube Channel (you’ll be surprised which one I choose).

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What’s special About Night Vision Eau de Toilette (2019): 

Viktor & Rolf have created a some classic fragrances when it comes to their Spicebomb Eau de Toilette collection. Not content to rest on their laurels, they’ve now released an audacious and addictive take on the classic scent with the new Spicebomb Night Vision EDT. With its unique blend of freshness and sensuality, the cologne is designed to turn a night out into an unforgettable experience for men. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting fragrance and how it compares to the other colognes in this iconic range. 

Fragrance Notes:

Grapefruit Essence, Black Spice Complex, Clary Sage, Geranium, Roasted Almond Accord, and Tonka Bean Absolute.

The unique scent of Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Toilette starts with grapefruit essence and black spice complex, giving off subtle yet deep notes at first sniff. Clary Sage adds the perfect touch of herbalism to balance out the overall masculine feel of these fragrances. The roasted almond accord provides warmth and sweetness. Finally, tonka bean absolute rounds off the scent with its creamy and nutty aroma that lingers on your skin. All these notes come together to create a unique and alluring scent for any man who loves to stand out from the crowd. 

How Does Night Vision Compares To The Other Spicebomb Fragrances?   

Night Vision EDT is an exciting addition to the established range of fragrances from Viktor & Rolf. While it evokes the same sense of masculinity as the original Spicebomb, there are noticeable differences between them too. The inclusion of black spices gives the fragrance a smokier edge than other scents in the line-up, while fresh green notes create a refreshing contrast to balance out the alluring spiciness. It is also slightly stronger than other fragrances in the collection (but not stronger than Night Vision Eau de Parfum). The intensity makes it perfect for evening events or special occasions when you want your scent to pack an extra punch.

What’s special About Night Vision Eau de Parfum (2020)?

Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Parfum is an exciting and mysterious fragrance that is sure to set the night alive. Delivering a deep explosion of black spices, Night Vision EDP unleashes a powerful blend of green and balsamy notes designed to leave an intoxicating trail. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this fragrance stand out.

Fragrance Notes:

Black Spices, Clary Sage, Fir Balsam, Lemon Essence.

What sets this particular fragrance apart from the others in the collection is its unique blend of fresh and spicy notes. The top notes are an energizing mix of black spices and lemon essence. These invigorating notes give way to a heart composed of aromatic and sensual green woody notes. Finally, the base notes are an alluring blend of incense and green resin that add depth to the overall scent profile. 

How Does Night Vision Eau de Parfum Compare To The Other Spicebomb Fragrances ?

Compared to other fragrances in the Spicebomb Collection, Night Vision Eau de Parfum has a dark intensity that captures everyone’s attention as soon as it hits the air. However, its rich inflections balance out its mysteriousness with a touch of freshness from the lemon essence and black spices. As such, this fragrance can easily be worn during both day and night occasions without feeling overpowering or too intense. 

What’s special About Spicebomb Infrared (2021): 

Spicebomb Infrared is Viktor & Rolf Fragrances’ hottest, most intense fragrance yet. Inspired by the intensity of a red habanero chili pepper, this amber, spicy scent brings magnetism and vibration with its deep tones of red. Go from a professional day in the office to a decadent evening feel with Infrared. Spicebomb is a powerful fragrance to have in your collection, and Spicebomb Infrared will be no different. 

Fragrance Notes:

Habanero Red Pimento Accord, Red Berry Oil, and Tobacco Accord.

Infrared is an intense scent crafted by Viktor & Rolf Fragrances that stands out with its Habanero Red Pimento Accord, Red Berry Oil, and Tobacco Accord notes. Spicebomb has created another powerful cologne that brings magnetism and a sense of power with its deep tones of red. Together, these notes come together to form an irresistible combination that’s impossible to deny or ignore. 

How Does Infrared Compare To The Other Spicebomb Fragrances?  

Spicebomb Infrared is the latest addition to the collection, which includes classic scents like Spicebomb Eau de Toilette and Spicebomb Extreme. But what sets this fiery new scent apart from its predecessors? While all five fragrances feature warm and spicy notes, the key difference between them lies in their intensity levels. Whereas other members of the Spicebomb family have a more subtle heat, the Habanero red pimento accord makes Infrared the hottest yet. It has a stronger concentration of hot spices than ever before, making it perfect for men who want an intense fragrance that stands out from the crowd.

Which one should you buy?

When it comes down to it, it all depends on your personal preference as well as what kind of scent you’re looking for in a cologne. Choosing the best Spicebomb fragrance depends on the occasion, style, fragrance preference, and even budget.  All five fragrances provide an invigorating scent that will last throughout the day without being too overpowering or overbearing. Picking the right Spicebomb, really just depends on which type you prefer. Whether it’s Spicebomb Extreme’s bold intensity or the timelessness of original Spicebomb’s classic character that appeals most to you. Even if you love them both — there’s no wrong answer when it comes to choosing which one suits your needs best! So don’t hesitate–try out one (or all five) of these colognes today! You won’t regret it!