Last week while vacationing in Chicago, my friend managed to capture this beautiful image above. I remember him specifically saying, “Look like you’re living your best life.”  And I started laughing so HARD— I mean, it was a really funny moment, but also because I realized that I actually AM living my best life. Let me provide a little context here– I took a free “last minute” flight to Chicago (thanks to my business travel rewards) to hang out with my friends and see the sights and sounds of the city (just because)— something that I would have NEVER been able to do if I was still working a 9 to 5 in a corporate job.

I get asked quite often, “Tiff, how do you make money online” or “Tiff, how do I start a business– I have no idea where to start.” Lately, it has been on my heart to start using this platform to have conversations about entrepreneurship, business, and branding online. I’ve been in the internet space for a long time now and I’ve picked up so many tips and tricks along the way. I want to start sharing that information with you, for one, because you’ve been asking for it, and two, this information could really change your life.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Things I’ve learned since being in the online space has allowed me to:

1. Be my own boss.✨
2. Work from anywhere in the world, and get paid while also making passive income.✨
3. Make money while I sleep and wake up and get paid to do what I love while helping others build brands and businesses online that their customers love! ✨

I’m starting a new series on dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs called the Beautiful Entrepreneur Series.  If you’re having trouble branding your business, or you can’t seem to get enough momentum around building your social presence online 💻, believe me, you’re not alone. Make sure you stay tuned here because very soon I’ll be launching a private course (super—private darling 😌) for serious entrepreneurs to teach how to build beautiful brands and business online that will bring in more income and help you find the freedom you’ve been searching for.

Sound good? Stay in the know — go to and let me know what’s your #1 challenge you’re facing with starting your brand online. Please share it with me because I’d really love to help!

With all my love,