I thought I’d share with you some products that I’ve been using from La Mer because naturally, I love La Mer! La Mer is a company that’s known for its spa-like, luxurious products that you can use in the comfort of your own home. They are also known for their ultimate moisturizers, beautiful packaging, and well… a high price tag. Nonetheless, I wanted to share these products with you because these are ones that I’ve been using and loving and I would consider them essentials in my current skincare routine.

The Concentrate: This is a restorative treatment infused with a concentrated form of the “miracle broth.” I recently started using it on my skin and so far so good.

The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation: This foundation is absolute LIFE in a bottle! My skin gets better and better each time I wear it. A little goes a long way and because my skin has gotten so much better by using it, I wear less makeup overall!

The Powder: No shade, literally, but this is the best translucent powder I’ve ever tried. It never turns dusty on my face and it also has micro-flecks of shimmer in the product, so it gives a naturally luminous finish.

The Powder Brush: Probably the most expensive powder brush I own in my collection but in my opinion it’s worth it. It’s plush, luxurious, and is super soft when dusting powder on my face.

Creme de La Mer Moisturizing Cream: Creme de la creme of all moisturizers! The first time I tried this product I instantly fell in love. I love the smell, and I also love how moisturizing this product really is. It leaves my skin with a dewy finish, and for days where I don’t wear makeup, I only apply this on my skin.

If you’ve never tried La Mer and you’re not sure where to start in the product line, I’d recommend starting with a moisturizer. La Mer is known for its luxurious moisturizers and creams. I believe it is a great place to start! My favorite moisturizer from the line is the Creme de La Mer because I love the way it hydrates my skin and makes it feel. This moisturizer is for people with dry skin and it is a little on the heavier side but La Mer also has lighter moisturizers to suit any skin type (see below). Give them a try and let me know what you think.

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