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Plump, Glossy, and Nourished: The Secret of Peptide Lip Care with The Rhode Lip Balm

Have you been on the late-night TikTok scroll and stumbled upon a little gem that’s got everyone talking? Well, that was me a couple weeks ago and today I’m dishing on my latest find, the Rhode peptide lip treatment—the one that’s buzzing on everyone’s lips—literally! So here’s my Rhode lip balm review.

From its cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free composition, and dermatologist testing and development, to the sustainable packaging crafted from upcycled post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, my research into this product only deepened my desire to own it! If you’re into lip care, or if you’re looking to find a lip balm to add to your post-lip filler care routine, continue reading to delve deeper into the captivating details of this product.

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Rhode Lip Balm Review: Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment

The Rhode Lip Balm is a transformative lip treatment that delivers naturally plump, irresistibly soft lips, day or night. It’s lux formula not only adds a glossy sheen but also intensively nourishes dry skin. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I truly believe it’s ideal for people who are serious about their lip care routine.


  • It intensively restores and rejuvenates dry lips
  • Seals in moisture for a visibly plumper, softer appearance

Premium ingredients

  • SHEA BUTTER — Infuses lips with hydration and moisture, fortified with 5 essential fatty acids, including vitamins E, D, A, and allantoin.
  • PEPTIDES — Promotes a visibly plump look while smoothing fine lines.
  • CUPUAÇU — Enhances skin elasticity, offering supreme suppleness to dry and dehydrated lips.
  • BABASSU — A rich, natural source of lauric acid that nurtures the skin’s microbiome and boosts moisture.

How to apply

I like to put on a thick layer of this product to keep my lips shiny and moisturized wherever I go. For an extra hydration boost overnight, apply a generous coat before bed and let it do its magic until morning.

What are peptides?

Peptides consist of amino acid chains and play a pivotal role in stimulating collagen and lipid production. Their inclusion in lip treatments significantly enhances the lips’ fullness and can give the appearance of looking fuller. Beyond merely augmenting the lips’ appearance and feel, peptide lip treatments serve as an excellent hydration source.

These treatments are rapidly becoming favored for their gentle yet effective ability to plump lips over time, devoid of any irritation. Traditional methods to achieve fuller lips in a lip care routine often rely on irritants like capsicum or nicotinic acid, which temporarily increase blood flow for a more voluminous look. However, these can be uncomfortable and offer only fleeting results. While hyaluronic acid-based treatments do contribute to lip fullness, peptides stand out as the prime component in treatments targeting age-related concerns, be it for the lips or the skin.

Rhode Lip Balm Offerings

The Rhode Lip Balm is available in the following varieties: Rhode Vanilla, Watermelon Slice, Salted Caramel, and Unscented.

Please note: This product contains fragrance, which may irritate sensitive skin. If prone to sensitivities, I recommend conducting a patch test on the inside of your wrist for 24 hours before use. An unscented version of the peptide lip balm is also available for those with fragrance sensitivities, but as a passionate lover of fragrances, I’m obsessed with the variety of scented offerings.

Rhode Lip Balm Reveiw: What I Picked Up

I chose two varieties—the unscented and the salted caramel. It’s important to note that its clear formula means it simply nourishes without adding color, making it an essential lip balm product in your lip care routine. The unscented option is perfect for daily use. It’s my go-to for quick hydration after my evening routine of brushing my teeth and washing my face, serving as the final touch before bed. Every morning, I notice my lips feel significantly softer and, dare I say, fuller.

Between the two, my preference leans towards the salted caramel, primarily for its delightful fragrance. It’s my go-to to use all day long. The lip balm doesn’t just smell wonderful; it tastes great too. For those who enjoy the sweet indulgence of a caramel Frappuccino or the unique taste of a salted milk cap on top of a  bubble tea, this lip balm’s aroma and subtle flavor will be a treat.  Also, the shipping was impressively fast, with the products arriving in less than a week.

The Packaging

The Rhode Lip Balm is presented in an elegant, sustainable tube crafted from post-consumer recycled materials, showcasing a commitment to environmental responsibility. Its design captivates with its subtle gray casing, and when squeezed, it reveals the balm’s natural hue and texture. It is also equipped with a user-friendly twist-up cap for keeping this lip balm mess-free.

I’m genuinely impressed by the packaging, and it’s not mere lip service. It exudes a clinical yet minimalist appeal, distinguished by its gray casing with light lettering, without being overly ostentatious. The design’s sleekness and slim profile not only enhance its aesthetic but also ensure it can be conveniently carried in even the smallest bags without occupying much space. This discreet packaging strikes a perfect balance between sophistication and accessibility, avoiding the juvenile appearance of glossy, teeny-bopper-oriented products. It feels age-appropriate to me, offering a mature yet inviting experience. This level of thoughtfulness in design is truly commendable.

Does Rhode Plump your Lips?

The Rhode Lip Balm may not be a lip plumper per se, but it definitely enhances fullness and improves the appearance of the lips. Don’t expect the dramatic effects of lip injections, but you can anticipate fuller-looking lips with increased volume. This is likely due to the peptide-enriched ingredients that work diligently to maintain hydration. Well-hydrated lips tend to retain their volume better, avoiding the typical flattening effect seen when dehydration occurs. Specifically, my upper lip, which usually appears quite flat due to a lack of hydration, has gained noticeable volume since I began using this product consistently. I’m truly impressed with the results.

Rhode Lip Balm Review: What Is the Actual Best Lip Balm?

In my opinion, the Rhode Lip Balm ranks among the best I’ve ever experienced; I’m truly delighted with it. Among my other favorites are La Mar the Balm. For those seeking a peptide gloss, I’ve always been a fan of the HydroPeptide Perfecting Gloss Lip Enhancing Treatment. And if you’re on a budget, Vaseline is an unbeatable option.

Would I recommend it?

The price of $16 might not seem cheap at first glance for the Rhode Lip Balm, but it’s significantly more affordable than one of my holy grail lip balms from La Mer. To be honest, I find the price quite reasonable for the quality and results this product offers. It’s one of those items where the more you use it, the better your lips feel. You can expect hydration and full results. I’ve been delighted with the results, which inspired me to write this post and share my experience with you. I’m so fond of it that I’d consider buying several to put around my house, place one in my car, and another in my bag, etc. This way, I always have one within reach when needed. That’s the extent of my love and belief in the Rhode Lip Balm.

My Final Thoughts Rhode Lip Balm Review

Whether you’re battling severely dry lips or simply seeking a touch of luxury, Rhode’s peptide lip treatment could be the game-changer you never knew you needed. Trust me when I tell you—it’s time to lavish your lips with the care they crave, transform them, and show off a naturally radiant and full smile! I’d love to hear about your lip care experiences in the comments. Your stories are invaluable to me—lips and all!

Overall, I’m genuinely happy I took the moment to order this product. Rhode’s peptide lip treatment has impressed me greatly. The packaging is stunning, the results are remarkable, and the fullness it gives to my lips is unparalleled. So far, it’s been a beloved addition to my skincare arsenal. For those interested in purchasing it, get it directly from their website here.

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