Today was a BEAUTIFUL day! I celebrated the opening of the NEW Sephora store in the heart of NYC, Times Square! Stop by and meet with a Sephora beauty advisor to help you find your perfect fragrance or beauty product. Also, you can CLICK HERE to book a happening with a Sephora beauty advisor and receive an in-store personalized service in your area— it’s undoubtedly the ultimate destination for all things beauty and beautiful.

On another note, I posted a message on Instagram and I’d like to share it here as well. I want to say to you, never give up on your dreams. مواقع العاب اونلاين   No matter how big or small they are, never give up. The universe will create a way and make the impossible possible if you just hold on. لعبة طاولة محبوسة اون لاين 🙌🏽 I am living proof, because TRUST ME, if you told me that I’d be earning a living doing what I love in a space that I created all on my own, I would have laughed in disbelief.

Today was a huge day for me because it was a reminder of how far I’ve come. Let me explain, a couple of years ago I worked in midtown Manhattan in a corporate office, and I was miserable. Actually, “miserable” isn’t a strong enough word to describe the agony that I was going through having my creativity stifled, and all my joy sucked right out of me working in corporate. Every day, the only thing I’d look forward to was lunchtime, when I could walk a couple of blocks downtown (or sometimes walk a couple of blocks uptown) and go shopping at Sephora. www.beoutq Yep, for years Sephora has been my midday beauty safe-haven. And now, fast forward to just a month ago when I was blessed with the most incredible opportunity to be an ambassador for the Sephora brand… All I can say is God could not have designed a better plan to keep me guessing and on my toes!